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Overhead portrait style photo of butter bean hummus dressed with paprika and parsley on a green plate with a light blue napkin.


Landscape image of a blue and brown bowl filled with a pale yellow soup with thyme and black pepper sprinkled on top.


Portrait photo of a wooden bowl filled with kale sweet potato salad with kidney beans and a silver fork in the bowl.


Closeup of 6 Portobello pizzas arranged on a white scalloped plate.


A landscape-style photo of a woman's hand dipping a strawberry into a small white bowl filled with chocolate sauce.


Large wooden bowl filled with chopped salad toppings grape tomatoes, carrots, yellow bell peppers, red onions, and cucumbers on top of chopped greens.

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Hey, I’m Liz! Welcome to FitLizKitchen, a website dedicated to sharing recipes and inspiration on a Whole Food, Plant-Based lifestyle! The recipes you’ll find here are made with whole, mostly unrefined foods (there will be some whole grain pasta and tofu!), but you’ll never find recipes with oil, table salt, or refined sugars. I’m currently on a weight loss journey…

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