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Where it’s Liz—that’s me—getting fit in the kitchen!

Hey, I’m Liz! Welcome to FitLizKitchen, a website dedicated to sharing recipes and inspiration on a Whole Food, Plant-Based lifestyle! The recipes you’ll find here are made with whole, mostly unrefined foods (there will be some whole grain pasta and tofu!), but you’ll never find recipes with oil, table salt, or refined sugars.

I’m on a weight loss and health journey to get healthy and hopefully inspire others in their own journeys, whatever they may look like.

I’m a super passionate cook and although I really love creating new and interesting recipes, I also really love to keep it simple. Not everyone (including me!) has tons of time to spend in the kitchen, so I try to keep my recipes fun, flavorful, and fast.

When I’m not in the kitchen creating, I love being active. My favorite activities include walking my rescue pup with my partner, hiking, cycling, swimming, and, more recently, running. (I’m still very slow, but I’m really enjoying the journey!)

Throughout my health journey on a Whole Food, Plant-Based (WFPB) lifestyle, I’ve rediscovered my love of physical activity. I was very active as a child and somewhere along the way I stopped and also developed some unhealthy habits like inactivity and emotional eating. I’m thankful to be finding my way to a much healthier me. Sharing recipes is a fun way for me to interact with the WFPB community and hopefully help others on their journey.

FitLizKitchen is more than just recipes—it’s a gathering place for like-minded healthy food enthusiasts. Join our community and connect with fellow fun and flavorful food seekers, share your kitchen triumphs, and seek inspiration for your kitchen adventures.

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Explore our increasing vault of healthy plant-based recipes and immerse yourself in new kitchen adventures. It’s time to get creative in the kitchen, because when you eat well, you feel well!

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